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We want you to be excited to check your mailbox (and inbox) without breaking the bank. In an increasingly digital world, we believe that magazine subscriptions are more important and more affordable than ever. Keep up with your favorite publications while taking a break from the digital world for awhile–unless you prefer
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“I highly recommend ClicknRead to anyone who loves to read magazines–especially if you have multiple people in your household. With the bundle savings, I was able to subscribe to fashion magazines for myself and sports magazines for my husband. It’s a win-win for both of us!”
- Margaret S.
“I am constantly looking for ways to “disconnect” from my phone and having physical magazines delivered right to my front door has helped so much! I forgot how much I loved scrolling through the pages of celebrity gossip magazines. With ClicknRead, I get to choose the magazines that I want for a fraction of the
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- Brenda P.
"I run a doctor’s office and I always want to make sure our patients have plenty of options when it comes to our waiting room magazine collection. Using ClicknRead has saved us time and money by being our one-stop shop for magazines. The website is super easy to use and their customer service was fantastic."
- Steve M.